Monday, February 28, 2011

Pro-Life Video Contest Winner

The Manhattan Declaration announced the winner of the Pro-life Video Contest on Facebook and Twitter accounts. The three top winners offer the pro-life community a remarkable testimony with three different approaches to the abortion issue.

1st place videoThe 1st place winner, Ryan Brooks, submitted a video that reminds us that no matter what the law says or what the culture does, we still have the power of prayer to combat abortion in our country.

2nd place videoThe 2nd place winner, Brian Fisher, provides a wonderful testimony of how social medias (Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc) give the pro-life community new ways to change peoples lives. He gives a personal account of how a ministry he works with did just that.

3rd place videoThe 3rd place winner, submitted by Brian Barkley, gives interview accounts of women who had abortions and describe what their experience was like. The testimony of these real-life examples will no doubt give us all a renewed vigor to end the evil practice of abortion.

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