Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Blessing

On Christmas Eve, I received a very special gift - I made it home alive. I've made this trip countless times in the past, yet this time has given me a memory that I can't seem to shake or stop replaying through my mind. Every time I play it, I see His miracle. Here's an excerpt from my journal that night:

God's angels are real! After pulling over to try to help a guy with a flat tire, I got to the long bridge in AL before Mobile. It had started to rain and now was pouring down. I turned off cruise control and slowed down - my truck felt like I slightly skid - I slowed down from 70 to 60 and got in the right lane. A van came down the left lane approaching me fast. [He came so close to my truck], I got scared he may lose control and hit me. I hit the brake and tried to get over more - then I hydroplaned. I held on straight - scared to correct to the left into another car and scared to hit the right side of the bridge. I slid right, then caught traction and punched the bridge - I spun in a 360° - truck died - still in the right lane, some on the shoulder. I prayed then called State Farm. As the windows fogged up, I got scared another car would hit me. Most got to the left lane, some stopped behind me. - No time for accident report - Every car could have hit me. I got out to survey damage - Wow, everything was fine except my bumper pushed in! Praise God! wow, I had to move! A girl narrowly stopped between my truck and [side of the] bridge - she *almost* hit me - Truck wouldn't start - then it did! Praise God! Drove away to the shoulder as God diverted traffic around me in pouring rain and wet pavement!

I stopped at the next gas station to check everything out and still amazed as I hit the side of the bridge going around 50mph. I took this picture... Wow!

Merry Mi Casa Christmas

" Jesus said, 'Therefore I tell you, do not worry...' " - Matt 6:25

This past Monday, our small group had a Christmas party for the Mi Casa house. This home provides a safe haven and wonderful opportunity for mothers to choose freedom from past addictions which will inevitably lead to a better life for their children.

The Christmas party went better than we could have ever imagined! When we first heard about the need, we wanted to help but didn't think that it was possible for our small group to meet such a large need. Well, as Jesus answered His disciple Peter, "What is impossible for man is possible for God." And that certainly became true over the past month as gifts showed up for all of children's needs to be met.

At one point I received a call from Erich that someone had donated so many gifts that his car was unsafe to drive! Immediately after he received this blessing, we found out that 4 more kids were added to the list and everyone was unsure as to where we could get last minute gifts for these kids. Yet, God knew and the need had already been met! Wow!

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TJ's Birthday Party

We had a fun time with our friend TJay celebrating his 24th birthday!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Snow Day on the Bayou

Check out the email I got from my dad today (in Louisiana)!!!!

Woke to a heavy snowfall - over 4 inches accumulated. Rather coolish - BR shut down - also all interstates and bridges.