Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Blessing

On Christmas Eve, I received a very special gift - I made it home alive. I've made this trip countless times in the past, yet this time has given me a memory that I can't seem to shake or stop replaying through my mind. Every time I play it, I see His miracle. Here's an excerpt from my journal that night:

God's angels are real! After pulling over to try to help a guy with a flat tire, I got to the long bridge in AL before Mobile. It had started to rain and now was pouring down. I turned off cruise control and slowed down - my truck felt like I slightly skid - I slowed down from 70 to 60 and got in the right lane. A van came down the left lane approaching me fast. [He came so close to my truck], I got scared he may lose control and hit me. I hit the brake and tried to get over more - then I hydroplaned. I held on straight - scared to correct to the left into another car and scared to hit the right side of the bridge. I slid right, then caught traction and punched the bridge - I spun in a 360° - truck died - still in the right lane, some on the shoulder. I prayed then called State Farm. As the windows fogged up, I got scared another car would hit me. Most got to the left lane, some stopped behind me. - No time for accident report - Every car could have hit me. I got out to survey damage - Wow, everything was fine except my bumper pushed in! Praise God! wow, I had to move! A girl narrowly stopped between my truck and [side of the] bridge - she *almost* hit me - Truck wouldn't start - then it did! Praise God! Drove away to the shoulder as God diverted traffic around me in pouring rain and wet pavement!

I stopped at the next gas station to check everything out and still amazed as I hit the side of the bridge going around 50mph. I took this picture... Wow!

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