Saturday, March 13, 2010

Excel: Quick Add New Color Comment XLA

It's been some time since I've made a post so I've decided to upload some Excel xla file add-ins that I've made for various reasons over the past couple of years. Enjoy!

Here's a link to download my AddComment XLA file. It allows you to press Ctrl + Shift + A to quickly made a decent looking comment within your cells! Also, it allows you to easily change the color of the comment. (Note: Use the toolbar shortcut to make your first comment.)

What's an xla file? It's basically a way of sharing the code to automate some functions in Excel. In this case, I did the work and you reap the benefits! Well... me too!

How do I install it? The easiest way I've found is to navigate to where you can Manage Excel Add-ins. Basically the screen below. (The way to get there depends on your version of Office.) Once you are there, click Browse... and it will open a normal windows explorer screen. Right-click in this screen to paste the .xla file from within the zip file. Highlight the file to add it to your list then click the checkmark to turn it on. All my add-ins use some very neat code I put together from a couple of VBA gurus to automatically add toolbar shortcuts.

One last note is that I offer these add-ins free of further work. That means that I'm not doing bug fixes and I'm sure some exist since I developed these in Excel 2003 and have refined some slightly for 2007. I still have many ideas on what could be done, but not the time to complete them! But, unlike many other xla coders, I did not lock or password protect these files. The source code is yours to do whatever you want with and modify as you like!

Please let me know if you've improved any of them and pass them back my way! Thanks!

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