Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Hotdog Halloween

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"This is the best house so far"
"WOW... This place is awesome"
"More hot chocolate pleeeaaase"

These were just a handful of comments kids and adults shared last night as they stumbled upon my driveway during their halloween candy trek.  My friends and I were trying out a concept that my college professor said he started in his neighborhood. Each year, he pulls his BBQ pit into the driveway to grill out for the trick or treater's and their parents. 

As most parents rush home to dress up their kids before hurrying out the door, they end up eating dinner from a candy bag. So this year, we provided hotdogs and chips, as well as hot chocolate, instead of the usual candy. We also gave away Hot Wheels and Chick comic books which were a big hit. Several times my driveway filled with kids and parents who took a break to eat while the kids excitedly read between bites. 

Check out the pictures I posted of my friends who helped out. These were taken as the night wrapped up and we got into the costume cheer. 

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