Saturday, August 23, 2008

I'm officially 28 years old now

Yesterday, Friday, I was taken out for the last time (that I know about) for my birthday which was a week ago. What a blessing! The week before to my birthday, my Life Group surprised me with dinner gathering at Sonny's BBQ after church. They knew I'd be visiting family the week of my birthday in Baton Rouge.

My 'unofficial' birthday rule has been to take off the day of my birthday. But this year I decided to visit my whole family and take off the entire week. It was an awesome trip thanks to many wonderful people in my family! My Gramma took me in for several days in Houma which was a blessing in itself. And thanks to the McGuires, Flynns, and Richards I was fed well and reminded of the fresh smell of Lake Mechant saltwater fishing.

My time in Baton Rouge just as eventful investing time with the Canciennes. Paul took me on a mountain bike excursion on the Hooper Road bike trails. I had an unofficial reunion at the Great Wall with old classmates and friends. And, of course, my parents joined in on my birthday holiday by taking the day off to go canoing on Lake Waniteri. I even got to share a birthday party with Stacy's son, Grant, at Chuck-E-Cheese!

Thanks and love all of ya!


Michaelanne said...

Happy Late Birthday Logan. I forgot that yours was just a few days before mine. Thanks for including me in your group tonight. That meant a lot to me. I was about to leave, because I knew no one there until you found me.


Logan said...

Happy Late Birthday to you too! I'm glad that you made it out and got to meet a few ppl in our group. Duane and Joy are awesome! Sorry I couldn't hang around the whole time. All comes with the shirt! God Bless and thanks for being my favorite State Farm representative!

Michaelanne said...
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