Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I got Expelled

Expelled The MovieOn the 18th, I got Expelled with some friends from my small group and work... and, yes, I know I'm late on my bloggin'. :-)

About a week before the movie hit the theaters, a friend sent over a reminder email. Aside from her email, most people I've talked to hadn't even heard of this movie due to the silent-ear from most media outlets. Well, despite this fact, Mr Ben Stein's 2 years of research and the post-release outcry of controversy from our nation's self-proclaimed elite has finally helped Expelled get some of the credit it's due.

Ben's team did pain-staking interviewing and research to present the subject in a straight-forward manner. Their research gave proponents from both sides of the Evolution vs Intelligent Design debate ample air time to voice their views and opinions. The facts and foundations of these views are shaken by Mr Stein as he examines to see who can actually face the critic's fire without the shield of, "well everybody agrees on this opinion, so it must be true." I believe most people are quite tired of that argument after scientists rebuked themselves years ago because the world wasn't flat nor was the Earth the center of the universe despite the majority's belief that was true. I may be more scientifically intrigued than most folks, but regardless of my interests, the movie also captivated the rest of my friends with Ben's bland humor-style and the witty quips that got our gray matter going.

I highly recommend this movie to anyone that feels like such a controversial topic has become single-slanted and wants to form their own opinion. An exit poll even stated that, "97 percent of the people say they liked it ... that's a staggeringly large number. And 96 percent said that they would recommend it to a friend." ... consider yourself recommended!

The author went on to say, "[the movie] was very objective. It's not saying teaching evolution is wrong, it's just saying there should be freedom to discuss it in academic circles."[1]

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