Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Mike's Good Run

Mike HuckabeeI really like Mike... and so does Chuck Norris as well as millions of other fans of his positive attitude and Christian integrity. I certainly consider myself a fan of LSU football, but not in any form an avid fan of the 'political ring.' Although there is nothing wrong with that at all and I'm glad that a number of people find it exciting and engaging.

Yet, after watching an email clip of Gov Huckabee last year, I've been intrigued to say the least. His stance on about any issue seems to be just that... a true, solid, stance. That means alot to me, especially after all the political 'back-stabbing' that is cast out in routine conversation. I find it sad that the people of the most prosperous nation in the world can't find many good things to say about our government or law enforcement. After 3 wonderful trips to South America, I certainly couldn't come back to the states with an attitude that these entities here aren't doing anything right... Actually I felt quite the opposite.

So I'm really sorry to see someone like Mike Huckabee have to step down, yet my prayer is that it is only temporary. Because I personally believed that his character, wisdom, and integrity would have really mended the ridiculous 50/50, Republican vs Democrat mentality that plagues a nation founded on being "UNITED."

We'll Miss ya Mike

Even Uncle Sam!

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