Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Passing of a Legacy

"My soul will boast in the LORD;
let the afflicted hear and rejoice.

The Lord is close to the brokenhearted
and saves those who are crushed in spirit"
- Psalm 34:2,18

As some of you may have heard, my PawPaw passed away early yesterday morning. I know many of you have been praying from him and I have to believe this was in the Lord's timing. My Uncle Bill had just flown in from California, so all of his children where
the previous night.

Please accept a heartful 'Thank You' from all of us... especially me. I know that your prayers where heard and it made a difference. The Friday before Christmas I
met my PawPaw in the hospital as I've told most of you. He didn't think he would make it to his next birthday (January 15) or even Christmas day. He had told most of us this and normally when my PawPaw said something would happen, you could guarantee he would be right on the mark. But this time, our prayers were heard and he not only made it through Christmas but even into his 88th birthday!

Since he came home from the hospital he was mostly bedridden, but as you can see in the picture to the right... he was able to sit in 'his chair' on Christmas day to read the newspaper just like old times. This really meant alot to me and the family. Praise GOD!

Also, I wanted to include a link his obituary. My PawPaw has had a diverse life and touched numerous people's lives in various ways as we have seen by all the people that have visited his home in the past weeks. He was an accomplished horticulturist as well as an entomologist and has written a number of articles and co-authored books. You can just do a google search on E.A. Cancienne which reveals a number of links to his works that have been imported into the internet including his book Beginning with Bees. He was humble on most of his work in these areas although if anyone ever had a question on growing anything, PawPaw would give you the best advice (it always worked) and even the scientific names of the insects you may have been fighting. He will be missed. (Link to Obituary and funeral times)

I also would like to thank everyone for the support you've shown me since yesterday. My trip home was a bit eventful, but I was sure the Lord was with me. About halfway into my drive, a deer ran into my truck around dusk. (see pictures below) All I remember seeing was a deer head show up in front of my headlight before I hit it. I didn't even see it run across the road or have a chance to brake. But thankfully, I was able to make some slight modifications to my bumper and drive the rest of the way home with no mechanical problems. Praise GOD!

Please continue to pray for my family through this time.


Dad said...

Great job on the blog and nice way to pay tribute to a good man but more importantly, a person of great regard in your life. Be assured the admiration was mutual. Slim (aka Paw Paw) recounted to me in a recent visit (just before his voice left him), how proud he was of you and the person you have become. As he more deeply embraced his connection with God and family in the final weeks, I am most assured that your loyal and devoted attention to both him and or faith were of immeasurable comfort to him.

uncle charlie said...

Logan, Thanks so much for showing how much your love and respect for one man motivated you in life.Daddy was really proud of you and I'm sure he still is and will always be.
When you had those last moments with Paw Paw you were honoring him for the good life he led.

Uncle Charlie